Stewart Ancestors
Laura J. Stewart
      He was born July 25, 1892 in New Albany, Floyd Co., IN. He graduated high school from New Albany, IN. in 1916. He was in the U.S. Army from May 1917 - Sept. 1919. He was attached to the 33rd Infantry  Division,   131st Regiment, Company "M" from Chicago. He was a Sergeant in WWI. He was in the Battle of Meuse-Argonne in France. About one of every ten was killed or wounded in this battle. From The World Book 1963, World War I p.376 he had underlined certain sections and wrote "I was there HHS." The underlined sections were: On August 8, the Allies, led by Canadian and Australian troops, attacked the Germans fiercely at A miens. and the Allies swept toward Saint Mihiel and the Meuse-Argonne region. American soldiers took over a large portion of the battle line.  He was wounded and received 3 Purple Heart medals ( 2 shell shots & 1 for being gassed with mustard gas); also received the WWI Victory Medal with three battle clasps: Somme Defensive March 21 - April 6, 1918, Somme Offensive August 8 - November 11, 1918, & Meuse - Argonne September 26 - November 1918. The soldiers that carried him out of the battlefield used him as a human shield to get out. He was stationed in France. On March 14, 1919 he was at Camp Lee, VA., after he was wounded in the Battle of Argonne. He also received a silver lapel button for being wounded in action.
      He used to love to tell old war stories about how the Germans would abandon a tank that would get stuck and they would come along and use the law of leverage to get them out. ( I wish I had paid more attention to these stories.) He returned home from the war to Chicago, IL. where he went to college at the
Armour Institute of Technology where he received his Mechanical Engineering Degree (B.S.M.E. in 1924).
     He was Supt. of Steel Mills of which U. S. Steel was one. The plant in Chicago was known as
South Works. He worked for the Atomic Energy Commission during WWII and also War Assets Administration. He lived in New Albany, IN., Chicago., IL., Birmingham, AL, Fontana, CA, Provo, UT., Idaho Falls, ID., Pontiac, MI., Waverly, OH., Paducah, KY. and later where he retired with his wife on her family land in Glasgow, KY. Part of his wife's family land was sold in 1963 and he bought a tract and subdivided it, known as Beaver Creek Subdivision. It was located off of Lexington Drive; the road is named after him, Stewart Drive in Glasgow.
     During his retirement he loved to fish and hunt. He owned a boat dock, Dale Hollow Marina, which he changed the name to
Sulphur Creek Marina in Burkesville, KY. It is now known as Sulphur Creek Resort. He was founder of Barren River Rod and Gun Club in Barren Co., KY. He was a 32nd degree Mason, belonged to the Windsor-Blackstone Lodge No. 1124 in Chicago, IL. He was also a Shriner, but in later years he wasn't as active. He attained the 33rd degree, but dropped it make to 32nd because of  obilgations to it, that he didn't have time to commit to. He was a very intelligent man and very congenial. He was 83 when he died and had only immediate family, but the funeral home was filled with flowers from everywhere. He never met a stranger.
     I remember one time when we were going to Louisville, he picked up a hitch hiker (this would have been in the 60's when you didn't consider it as dangerous). He drove this man 30 minutes out of our way and then when he let the man out, he handed the man some money. My father was always kind to everyone, and he always had time to speak to people. At the time of his death on April 19, 1976 he was the oldest living veteran in Barren Co., Ky. He was a very active member in the D.A.V.
My Father  - Homer Harland Stewart
Born July 25, 1892
in New Albany, Floyd Co., IN.

Died April 19, 1976
in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.
My Grandfather -

William Henry Harrison Stewart
     Wil's parents both died when he was only 6 years old. His mother died on Christmas Eve from consumption (TB) & his father had just died 6 months before of typhoid fever. He was an only child. He went to live with his Uncle & Aunt, John B. & Penina Winstandley. Guardian's Docket Floyd Co., IN. shows this. May 8, 1877.  Final Report of Guardianship of William H. Stewart in Floyd Co., IN., signed Dec. 26,1875 by John B. Winstandley.
     Wil was a conductor on the
Daisy Line of the Interstate Public Service Company. It ran west of Jefferson St. in Louisville and over the K. and I. Bridge and the interurban route east on Madison St. and over the Big Four Bridge. He and his family moved to Chicago, IL. after Homer finished school about 1911-12. In Deed Book 61 Floyd Co., IN. on Oct. 7th, 1909, William H. & Maggie L.(Smithwick) Stewart sell unto Fred J. Brown & Thomas Smithwick ( her brother ) for the sum of $1.00 a part of lot or block #16 of the Griffin Tract. On the 1910 Floyd Co., IN. census William H. (conductor), Margaret, & Homer (bill clerk) are listed. Wil was last listed on the New Albany directory in 1911-1912. I believe that they moved to Chicago soon after his mother-in-law's death in Dec. 1911.  He and his family lived at 1813 E. Spring St. in New Albany. At time of his death he was living at 7910 Ridgeland Ave. in Chicago. Ward 46. He died of a stroke. Death certificate lists: paralysis following cerebral haemorrhiage & that he died at 9:45 pm. He and his wife are buried in the Fairview Cemetery, New Albany, IN. (His grandfather Isaac Stewart's plot) He was a member of the Knights of Pythias.
     In correspondence with my 1st cousin Esther, daughter of Manor, she remembers that her Grandfather Wil was always selling something. She wrote that she remembers that he came home from work one day without his shirt! He had sold it to a Mexican at work (Chicago). She remembers her grandparents riding the South Shore (electric train) to visit them over a weekend. She writes "They didn't come often, but I always looked forward to Grandpa taking me to the drug store for an ice cream cone! He had a green thumb - grew beautiful sweet - peas in the gravel parking lot at their apartment."
Born December 25, 1854
in Sullivan, Sullivan Co., IN.
Died January 19, 1931
in Chicago, Cook Co., IL.
My Great-Grandfather - 

Marion Clinton Stewart
& his wife, Nancy Ann Strickland
Born April 12, 1828
in Clark Co., IN.
Died July 19, 1860
in New Albany, Floyd Co., IN.
      He is listed on 1850 Greene Co., IN. census, Eel River township. He was listed as merchant living with William Ravenscroff family. Eel River Township existed from 1828 to about 1880. It is now part of Jefferson Township. Eel River Township included the land between the Eel and White Rivers, North to the Owen County line. Point Commerce, a thriving commercial settlement from 1820's to 1850's, at the confluence of White & Eel Rivers was the primary settlement. After Point Commerce was ravaged by Cholera epidemics in the 1850s, most of the population left and moved to Worthington, just across the Eel River to the Southwest in Jefferson Twp. This became the predominant settlement.
     This is where he met "Annie" Strickland. Her family lived in this township. On Jan. 2, 1856, Marion & Annie sell lot # 34 in the town of Sullivan, IN. to his father, Isaac. Recorded Sullivan Co. Deed book M-12 p. 316. On 1860 census he was living in New Albany, Floyd Co., IN. Marion, Anna, William & Mary Eddy are listed on this census. Mary Eddy was his wife's niece.  She probably died & they took Mary in. The census was taken June 27, 1860 (1 month before Marion died). He died of Typhoid Fever. New Albany Daily Tribune Sat. July 21,1860 has his obituary: FUNERAL NOTICE. MEMBERS of New Albany Lodge,
A. Y. M. are hereby notified to attend the funeral of our late Brother M. C. Stuart to-day, 3 1/2 o'clock P. M. All members in good standing are requested to attend. By order of Lodge. T. T. WEIR, Sec'y. He was a Mason and had a Masonic funeral.
      Administrators and Executors Book of Floyd Co., IN. has Annie being appointed administrator of her husband's estate on Sept. 8,1860. Attorneys are Smith & Kern. He and his wife were buried in Fairview Cemetery in New Albany, IN.  Lot  # 3523 B & 3652 B. (This is his father's plot.)
Annie's body was brought back from Greencastle, IN. for burial. Marion & Annie do not have a grave marker. I wonder if Marion or Annie attended DePauw Univ. in Greencastle, IN. Need to check this.
Their wedding picture :March 17, 1853
My Great-Great-Grandfather -
Isaac Stewart
Could this be Isaac???
Born April 3, 1792
in Beargrass, VA.
now, Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY.
Died August 13, 1863
in Sullivan, Sullivan Co., IN.
      Stewart Mercantile in Sullivan, Sullivan Co., IN. His store is the only brick building on the North side of the square at that time. It is the 4th buiilding from the left. He built the store in 1842 & he sold it in 1861, two years before he died. He was the first permanent mercantile store in Sullivan, IN. He also built the National Hotel in Sullivan in 1846.
Photo Courtesy: Arts Souvenir.
Isaac Stewart headstone, located in Center Ridge Cemetery in Sullivan, IN. Grave was hard to recognize due to weathering of the stone. Drive straight in the main archway. Stewart family gravesites are on the right.
     Isaac received a deed to a farm, near Greenville, IN., from his father on Nov. 27,1810. This is where he made his home with Susan C.W. Redman, his 1st wife. This was the family plantation land of his mother & father  in Clark Co., IN. Grant # 92 containing 88 acres. Isaac sells this tract of land to Abednego Richardson on April 20, 1832. Deed Bk. 27 p. 452. More information on Isaac and his influence on Greenville, IN. can be found in an Article on "Greenville United Methodist Church, General History of the Settling of the Greenville Township." This article can be found at the New Albany, IN. library. It states he erected a frame building on Dec. 10, 1831 which contained a mercantile business. The store carried a fair stock of all classes of goods and traded much in produce as money was scarce. He also operated a tannery.
       Isaac & Susan's Bible now in possession of the author, Laura J. Stewart . Bought by their son, George Washington Stewart in 1826 with the first money he earned and presented to his mother, Susan Chewksbury Winn Redman Stewart. This was written in the Bible. This Bible was in a flooded basement  in the
Ohio River Flood of 1884 in New Albany, Indiana. This Bible was given to their son, Marion Clinton Stewart & his new bride, in 1853. Isaac's two youngest sons are not listed in the Bible. That is because the Bible was given to Marion before their births in 1854 & 1857.
     Isaac Stewart was one of the pioneer settlers of New Albany and Greenville, IN. Indiana Militita: 28th Regiment, Captian,Dec. 10, 1819; Major, June 4, 1821. He was Major of the Home Guards in the first settlement of New Albany, IN. Floyd Co., IN. was formed Jan. 1819 from Clark & Harrison Co's., IN. Isaac was a very successful businessman, merchant, and politician also. He was known as "Major Stewart". Commissioner's meeting Feb 9,1819, ordered that Isaac Stewart of Greenville be appointed Lister of the County of Floyd for year 1819. He was a member of the Indiana General Assembly as follows: 1828-29, 1838-39, 1839-40  from Floyd Co. From Jeffersonville Land Office tract books (State Land Office and NN in Archives Div.) show W one-half SW 31, purchased by Isaac Stewart on Nov. 20, 1828. Land just west of Greenville and in Greenville Twp. Isaac made many land transactions. From "Abstracts of Entries of Government Lands in Floyd Co., Ind." p. 5 Township 1, Sect. 31 Range 5 East Greenville Isaac Stewart 11-20-1828 W. 1/2 of S.W. 1/4 92.01 Ac. p. 106 Bk. 109 - 220 Certificate #1557. On July 2, 1829 Isaac Stewart of Floyd Co., Ind. deposited in General Land Office a certificate of Register of Land Office at Jeffersonville, full payment made for West half of N.W. 1/4 of Sec. 31, Township 2, Range 5 East #1936831 Filed Dec. 22, 1842.
     He was a pioneer in the town of Sullivan, IN. where he was a merchant. He moved here after his first wife died & he remarried, Mary Murphy. She was the daughter of Dr. James Murphy of Greenville, IN. On the 1846-51
Sullivan Co., IN. Assessment Book Isaac's total value of taxables was $950. From Sullivan Union Dec. 24,1902 it states that the National Hotel was one of the oldest frame buildings in the town. It was built about 1846  by Isaac Stewart who also built other buildings on the north side. Mr. Stewart used to occupy the house. He was a member of the Disciples of Christ. His will is on file in Sullivan Co., IN. Will Bk. 1 p.212 rec. 8-18 -1863. Final estate settlement was filed July 27,1864. He is buried in Center Ridge Cemetery in Sullivan, IN. In Kentuckians in Ohio & Indiana by Stuart Seely Sprague, Isaac is listed on p. 134; also BGAS p. 372. Death notice in "New Albany Ledger" Aug. 13, 1863, p. 2, c. 1.; also in "Sullivan Times".
     1820 Indiana census, Floyd Co., p. 393; 1830 Indiana census, Floyd co., p. 688; 1840 Indiana census, Floyd Co.; 1850 Indiana census Sullivan Co., p. 243; 1860 Indiana census, Sullivan Co., p. 900.
     His descendants are eligible for membership in
Society of Indiana Pioneers. Documentation may be found in "History of Greene and Sullivan Counties 1884 pp.608-609, p.624, p.721.; History of the Ohio Falls Cities and their Counties 1882 p. 234 and 278, pp. 282-284, pp.295-297.; Executive proceedings of the State of Indiana, 1816 to 1836, p. 120 & p.174." Isaac was member of the Masons. A Masonic embem was on his tombstone.
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My Great-Great-Great-Grandfather -
James Stewart, Jr.
Descendants of Isaac Stewart
Generation No. 1

1.  Isaac3 Stewart  (James2, James1) was born April 03, 1792 in Beargrass,Kentucky Co.,VA.(now Louisville,KY.), and died August 13, 1863 in Sullivan ,Sullivan Co.,IN..  He married (1) Susan Chewksbury Winn Redman December 23, 1813 in Clark Co.,IN., daughter of Benjamin Redman and Anne Wynn.  She was born March 08, 1795 in Montgomery Co.,MD., and died October 04, 1832 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN..  He married (2) Mary Murphy March 28, 1841 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN., daughter of Dr. James Murphy.  She was born 1817 in VA., and died July 29, 1889 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN..
Children of Isaac Stewart and Susan Redman are:
2i.Penina Balsora4 Stewart, born December 14, 1814 in Clark Co.,IN.; died October 09, 1883 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN..  She married John Baker Winstandley October 02, 1834 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.; born February 26, 1812 in Baltimore,Baltimore Co.,MD.; died March 03, 1884 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN..
3ii.George Washington Stewart, born January 19, 1818 in Clark Co.,IN.; died April 28, 1887 in Shelbyville,Shelby Co.,KY..  He married Mary Bethiah Winstandley June 05, 1838 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.; born March 09, 1816 in Baltimore,Baltimore Co.,MD.; died July 22, 1892 in Washington,Daviess Co.,IN..
4iii.Zeralda Clarinda Stewart, born March 16, 1820 in Clark Co.,IN.; died October 22, 1842 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN..
5iv.Bainbridge Decatur Stewart, born June 02, 1822 in Clark Co.,IN.; died September 03, 1839 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN..
6v.Marquis De Lafayette Stewart, born April 1824 in Clark Co.,IN.; died June 16, 1825 in Clark Co.,IN..
7vi.LaFayette Stewart, born April 12, 1826 in Clark Co.,IN.; died February 28, 1884 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN..  He married Emily Peters 1845 in Sullivan Co.,IN.; born February 06, 1828 in Maysville,Mason Co.,KY.; died November 11, 1886 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN..
8vii.Marion Clinton Stewart, born April 12, 1828 in Clark Co.,IN.; died July 19, 1860 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN..  He married Nancy Ann Strickland March 17, 1853 in Indianapolis,Marion Co.,IN.; born February 16, 1831 in PA.; died December 24, 1860 in Greencastle,Putnam Co.,IN..
9viii.Susan Caroline Stewart, born July 23, 1830 in Greenville,Floyd Co.,IN.; died January 10, 1900 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN..  She married John Robert Parker October 09, 1850 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.; born October 12, 1826 in of New Albany,IN.; died May 07, 1909 in Pittsburgh,PA..
Children of Isaac Stewart and Mary Murphy are:
10i.Sarah Rebecca4 Stewart, born May 23, 1842 in Carlisle,Sullivan Co.,IN.; died May 31, 1901 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN..  She married William Hensley Crowder August 04, 1863 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN.; born November 18, 1838 in Pleasant Garden (now Putnamville),Putnam Co.,IN.; died January 08, 1920 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN..
11ii.Andrew Jackson Stewart, born May 08, 1844 in Sullivan Co.,IN.; died September 18, 1916 in Sullivan Co.,IN..  He married Tamar Young December 30, 1868 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN.; born December 16, 1842 in Salem,OH.; died November 14, 1892 in Sullivan Co.,IN..
12iii.Mary Ann Stewart, born October 23, 1845 in Sullivan Co.,IN.; died February 17, 1847 in Sullivan Co.,IN..
13iv.Buena Vista Stewart, born May 25, 1847 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN.; died 1925 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN..  She married Robert Millard Dear January 13, 1869 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN.; born March 1847 in Clark Co.,IN.; died March 02, 1914 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN..
14v.Isaac Stewart, born September 10, 1849 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN.; died February 10, 1852 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN..
15vi.Mary Elizabeth Stewart, born November 23, 1851 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN.; died December 05, 1914.  She married Charles C. Mayfield October 08, 1872 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN.; born November 10, 1852 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN.; died February 05, 1914.
16vii.Isaac P. Stewart, born August 1854 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN.; died April 02, 1906 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN..  He married (1) Catherine C. Duffer November 16, 1871 in Sullivan ,Sullivan Co.,IN.; born April 28, 1855 in Turman,Sullivan Co.,IN.; died December 18, 1910 in Neelyville,Butler Co.,MO..  He married (2) Margaret C. McKinley September 10, 1879 in Sullivan ,Sullivan Co.,IN.; born July 1855 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN.; died 1922 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN..
17viii.James Harvey Stewart, born May 1857 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN.; died 1925 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN..  He married Martha E. Willis December 24, 1879 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN.; born November 1862; died 1945 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN..
Isaac Stewart's children:
Born June 8, 1743
in Frederick Co., VA.
Died December 29, 1812
in Clark Co., IN.
Notes from Isaac Stewart's Bible:
Clan Stewart
     The following is a copy of an old type written account of the
Clan Stewart. It was inserted in the Bible of Isaac Stewart 1792-1863. The page is type written in red ink. The edges are tattered and brown, similar to the Bible, from which I would assume that the page was in the Bible for a considerable period of time. Anonymous author:
     This name is spelled variously --
Stewart, Stuart, Steuart, or Steward. It was derived from the office of Lord High Steward of Scotland, and was originally S-T-E-W-A-R-T. The S-T-U-A-R-T spelling was first used by Mary, Queen of Scots, who was, by marriage, also Queen of France. This spelling gave the name the same sound when pronounced in French. The S-T-E-U-A-R-T spelling was probably adopted as a personal preference, perhaps to distinguish one branch of the family from another.
     The Scottish family started with
Walter Fitz-Alan, son of an Anglo-Norman Baron, who came to Scotland in the 12th century during the reign of David I, and was made Lord High Steward of the Royal Household, which title was made hereditary to the family. Alexander, the 4th Lord High Steward, left two sons: Sir James Stewart, his successor, (family now uses the name Stewart, having dropped Fitz-Alan) and Sir John Stewart of Bonkyl. Walter, the 6th Lord High Steward, married Princess Marjorie, daughter of Robert the Bruce. Their son, after the death of his uncle, David II, ascended the throne as Robert II. From his ascension, until the death in 1808 of "Bonnie Prince Charlie's"  younger brother, the Cardinal of York, the heads of the Royal House of Stewart were the Chiefs of Clan Stewart. Upon his death, the Cardinal of York, last direct heir male of the main stem line, relinquished his personal heirlooms,  including the Scottish Coronation ring, to George III of England; thus nominating him "Tanist" of the Royal line and heir to the Stewart rights to the throne. On the Cardinal's death, the nearest lawful heir bearing the name Stewart was George Stewart of Garlies, 8th Earl of Galloway, and was descended directly from Sir John of Bonkyl, upon which was based his claim of Chieftainship of the Clan. From Sir James Stewart, 4th son of Sir John of Bonkyl, came the Stewart Lords of Lorn, and the Stewart Earls of Athol, Buchan (which I personally think our James Stewart, Sr. descends),Lennox, and Truquair.
     There are some who hold that the King of England is the rightful chief of Clan Stewart, thru the nomination of George III    ( 1760 - 1820 * LSC) by Cardinal York. George V ( 1910 - 1936 *LSC ), father of the present king ( probably refers to George VI who became king in 1936, so this helps date this article by unknown author * LSC ) , is said to have termed the Royal Stewart (red Sett) "My own personal tartan". There are seven other
Stewart Tartans: Two green - Stewart Hunting and Stewart Ancient; One white - Royal Stewart Dress; One blue - Royal Stewart Blue; and three other red setts - Stewart of Appin,  Stewart of Athol, and Royal Stewart Prince Charles Edward. The last varies from the Royal Stewart in no way except that the red bars are smaller in proportion to the green and blue admixture. This tartan was developed for the use of " Bonnie Prince Charlie" and his Jacobite followers. There was also a Jacobite (from "Jacobus" - Latin for James) Tartan worn by the followers of the "Young Chevalier", particularly by those of Lowland Families who did not have their own tartan. (tartans were possessed mostly by Highland Clans). Prince Charlie, the Young Chevalier, was probably one of the most romantic and tragic figures of the Royal Stewart line, with the possible exception of the immortal Mary, Queen of Scots. He was also known as "The Young Pretender", by direct descent (grandson) from the deposed James II of England. In 1745, at the age of 25, he raised the white banner of the Stewarts at Glenfinnan, and inflicted many serious defeats upon the Hanoverian forces of George II, and led his Jacobites on their wild drive, victorious all the way to Derby, 130 miles from London, and back into Scotland - - victors in every battle but the last, when his weary, depleted, and surprised forces were disastrously defeated at Culloden by the Hanoverians under the Duke of Cumberland; thus ending forever the Clan System in Scotland and the dreams of the Royal Stewarts for a return to the thrones of England and Scotland.
     The badges, battle hymns, crests, mottoes, war cries, and Coats of Arms of the Stewarts are as many as the various branches of the family, but all of the Arms of the many branches contain, in some form, the "Chequey", (checkers) said to have been derived from the duties of the Lord High Steward as Chancellor of the Exchequer. (At that time, an alternately light and dark squared board was used in computing figures). The various Coats of Arms, with adornments of crests, mottoes, and supporters are correctly displayed only by the holders of those titles; however, ANY Stewart, Stuart, Steuart is intitled to display
the original Stewart Coat of Arms. Colors - Shield "Or" (gold) - - Fess Chequey "Argent" (silver) and "Azure" (blue).
    My comments are included above followed by * LSC. I wish to thank everyone who has donated information of the descendants of James Stewart, Jr. You are many & I do appreciate every article collected. Thank you all!  Any additions & corrections are solicited. I apologize for any mistakes that I might have made, or if I left anyone out, they were not intentional. There is always the possibility of human error in copying anything. I have tried to be as accurate as possible. The Stewart story is never ending. Our Stewart ancestors have played a dramatic part forming this great country of ours. I do hope you enjoy reading about our ancestors, as much as I have enjoyed finding them. I feel like I know each and every one of them with their different personalities. I hope I have been able to convey some of this in my book. I have met so many new found cousins in doing my research. Priceless! My book is entitled: "The Descendants of James Stewart, Jr. 1743-1812 Origins of the Stewart Family Volume I". If you are interested, please write to my addresses above. Thanks!
The Life of James Stewart, Jr. 1743-1812
by Laura J. Stewart

     James, Jr. was born in
Frederick Co.,VA., now Berkeley Co.,WV.He died on his farm near Charlestown, Clark Co., IN. and is buried on his plantation there. From: "Soldiers and Patriots Buried in Indiana:,Vol. 1, p. 344  compiled and edited by Mrs. Roscoe C. O'Byrne, reprinted by The Genealogical Publishing Co.,1968 Service -Pvt. in Capt. Andrew Lynn's Company of Rangers on the Frontiers 1778-1783, Westmoreland Co., VA., now Pennsylvania, since the line was not settled until after the close of the War.; (PA. State Library, Harrisburg, PA., Vol. 23, fol. 326, PA. Archives, Third Series), (at this time he was living at Redstone Old Fort in what is now Brownsville, PA.; Andrew Lynn, Jr. and Thomas Downs owned extensive land there around the fort); also a Pvt. in Capt. William Harrod's Co., 1780, at stations near the falls of the Ohio River, now in Jefferson Co., KY. Proof - Collins History of KY., Vol.1, pg.12.
     Frederick Co.,VA., Deed Book No.11, fs. 51 & 52. June 2, 1766. Deed from David Lewis
( his wife's step - father) of Fred. Co.,VA., to James Stewart of same county. Tract of land containing 103 acres in Fred. Co., on the west side of Opechon Creek and joining the same and on the upper side of Mill Creek being part of a larger tract granted to the said David Lewis by deed under the hand and seal of the Right Honorable
Thomas Lord Fairfax bounded as followeth, beginning at a water spanish oak corner to the said Lewis and William Hyatt thence South 42 degrees West 58 poles to an elm on the south side of Hamptons branch corner to Hyatt and Richard Fowler thence with the said line North 62 degrees West 118 poles to two white oak saplings on the north side of Hamptons Branch in the line of Fowler thence leaving Fowlers line North 77 poles to a forked white oak on a hill thence North 67 degrees East 30 poles to two white oaks and hickory on a hill corner to James Anderson thence with his line North 42 degrees East 30 poles crossing Mill Creek to two black walnuts on the north bank of the said creek corner to the said Lewis thence down the several water courses and meanders of the said creek joining the lines of David Lewis and so to the beginning.
     This land is located near
Inwood,Wv. west of Bunker Hill, where Hy. 26 & 28 join. Mill Creek Farm is located there now. The present day Bunker Hill Mill used to be the Anderson Mill. It is the oldest mill on Mill Creek. This would have been the mill that James, Jr. used. James Anderson was his neighbor. James Anderson's father built the mill. On Feb. 19, 1768 James Stewart & Rebecca, his wife, sell this tract of land to John Hays.                                                                                   
     From "History of
Gerrardstown and Historic Homes in Surrounding Area" it states that the Gerrard house is the oldest known buildings in West Virginia. It was built in 1743 by John Hays, one of the early Baptist followers of the Rev. John Gerrard, the first Baptist minister this side of the Blue Ridge Mts. It also states that the Old Baptist Church was built around 1754 on the property deeded from John Gerrard and Mahetable, his wife, to Henry Switzer who sold to the ministers of the Baptist Society for the use of the Meeting House and graveyard would have been the church that James, Jr. attended. Among the names signed  on May 25, 1761, a solemn covenannt was agreed to among the signers : John Gerrid, minister; Isaac Sutton, John Hays, Jacob Vanmeter, William Stump, John Vanmeter, George Lewis, Richard Marchant, James Stuart, John Kerney, Benjamin Sutton, Elizabeth Lewis, James Bull, Sarah Bull, Thomas Coffinbarger, Susannah Kerney, Robert Lemon, Frederick Stipp, William Buckles, & Edward Lucas. The land the church was located on was part of a tract Gerrard also deeded to John Hays and also some acres to his son, David Gerrard. The Church was located where present day Mill Creek Manor and the Gerrard house are. The graveyard is in the rear of Mill Creek Manor, where so many are buried. According to The History of Gerrardstown there remains but one stone of William Wilson, Jr., 1724. There is a lot enclosed by a stone wall which contains the graves with markers of the Gray family. They are Mary Gray, who died Sept. 8, 1804, age 68 years, and John Gray, who departed this life July 1, 1816 in his 71st year. John Hays is also there, but the stone is without a date.
     From A History of Baptists in VA. Reuben E. Alley VA. Baptist Gen. Board the Philadelphia Baptist Association was organized in 1707. It states that Baptists appeared in northern VA. as early as 1743 when Edward Hays (probably father of John) and Thomas Yates, who had been members of a Baptist church a few miles north of Baltimore, MD., moved their families to Berkeley Co.,Va., and settled on Opeckton Creek. They were joined by their pastor, Henry Lovall. John Gerrard became pastor about 1755. Because of threats from neighboring Indians, Gerrard and a number of members of the church moved to Fairfax Co. (now Loudon Co.) where Gerrard became pastor of
Ketocton Church. He and his followers later returned to Berkeley Co. In 1765 Mill Creek(Opeckton), Smith's Creek, Ketocton, and Broad Run - because of their remoteness - separated from the Philadelphia Association and formed the Ketocton Association in 1766.
     From Central PA. Marriages 1700 - 1896 compiled by Charles A. Fisher 1974 Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Heading of section is: Marriages of some PA. Soldiers and Patriots of the Revolutionary Period; lists James Stewart, Jr. & Rebecca Marchant Westmoreland Co. abt. 1770.
     James and Rebecca resided in Berkeley Co. until about 1773, (
Berkeley Co. was part of Frederick Co. until 1772), and then moved to the vicinity of Redstone Old Fort. The last record of James, Jr. in Fred. Co.,VA. is found in Deed Book 16, p.184 & 185 June 17, 1773. James Stewart sells to Samuel Beale III for seventy ponds current money the following: one gray horse bought of Anderson, one gray horse bought of Andrew M. Beth (McBeth?), one bay horse  bought of Alexander Mackir, one red cow bought of Richard Carter, one servant man named John Ray and one servant woman  named Mary Whisely (?), one other servant lad named Thomas Turner. Signed in presence of John Cox. At court on Sept. 8, 1773 this bill of sale was proved by John Cox. James Stewart and his family had already moved from Frederick Co. to Redstone Settlement.
     Redstone Settlement ( now Brownsville,
Fayette Co., PA.) was occupied by Capt. Trent for the Ohio Co. in Feb. 1754. This taken from Frontier Forts of PA. Vol. II by Clarence M. Busch 1896. In the later part of 1759 Col. James Burd was sent out with 200 men to open and complete the road which had been opened by Braddock, to the Monongahela Rr., at or near the mouth of Redstone, and there erect a fort. It was known as Fort Burd. About the same time the English were erecting Fort Pitt ( now Pittsburgh, PA). Fort Burd was erected on the site where "Redstone Old Fort" was. The earlier was destroyed by Indians, but the name "Fort Redstone" continued. At this time VA. held claim to this region as well as PA. It was Westmoreland Co., PA. & West Augusta District, VA. "Fort Redstone" today is where Nemacolin Castle now stands on Front St. in Brownsville, PA. The old well is all that is left of the original "Fort Redstone".
     From The Horn Papers Vol. III by W. F. Horn 1945 shows a map of this area and the land owners.
Thomas Downs, Sr. & Andrew Linn, Jr. owned extensive land just west of "Fort Redstone". Map is very hard to read, but it looks like Thomas Downs, Sr. owned 151 1/2 acres which was surveyed on Oct. 6, 1769. Thomas Downs son, Thomas Downs, Jr. later married James Stewart, Jr.'s oldest daughter, Priscilla. This is probably where James Stewart & his family stayed at Redstone Settlement until they moved westward. Also on the map Jeremiah Downs 236 1/2 acres labeled "Down's Inheritance", warrant Mar. 1, 1787 surveyed May 10, 1787. Andrew Linn, Jr. was James Stewart, Jr.'s commanding officer in the Revolutionary War. James, Jr. served as Pvt. in Capt. Andrew Lynn's Co. of Rangers on the Frontiers from 1778-1783, Westmoreland Co.,VA., now PA; proof: PA. Archives, 3rd Series, Vol. 23, p. 326. Linn's land was next to Thomas Downs property at Redstone. Linn owned 244 1/2 ac. Sur. Aug. 22, 1769; 261 1/2 ac. War. Jan. 17, 1785; 163 1/2 ac. War. Nov. 11, 1784.
    Throughout the year in 1777
Indian raids and massacres plagued the inhabitants of northwestern VA., including the area now known as KY. In Jan. 1778 Lieutenant Colonel George Rogers Clark planned a secret expedition against the Illinois country. He met with Gov. Henry, Thomas Jefferson, George Wythe & George Mason. He was given money to enlist 350 men. Recruiting men proved difficult; they were scarce, as most of them were in Washington's army; nor could Clark make known his real purpose. He was only able to raise 150 men. Clark left Redstone Fort on May 12, 1778 with 150 enlistees and 20 families that he reluctantly decided to let go. From Redstone they stopped at Pittsburgh and Wheeling for supplies, then his little fleet of flatboats drifted  down the Ohio and stopped at Corn Island, opposite where Louisville now stands. It was about seventy acres at the time, practically disappeared now. James Stewart's family was among these stalwart adventurers.
     From "Flatboatin' on the Old Ohio" by Carl R. Bogardus, Sr. 1984 he states that boats passed from Pittsburgh to the mouth of the Ohio in 15 days in high water, 10 days is reckoned a quick passage & in low water - 20 days. An article in The Louisville Courier-Journal on Dec. 9, 1951 states that they reached Corn Island on May 27, 1778.  On Corn Island is where
Clark told his men of his intention to attack the British forts. On the island Clark erected block houses, not only for his soldiers, but for protection of his stores. The unwelcome civilian passengers turned out to be valuable in helping with the housing project; and after he had left, they cared for the military supplies he could not take along with him. Before he left on June 24, 1778, the pioneers had constructed 18 cabins. They then headed for Kaskaskia, the principal post in the Illinois country. They were successful and upon their return, they built an onshore fort. It was located at the foot of what is now 12th St. (directly opposite the island settlement). On April 7, 1779, wilderness towns and stations were encouraged by the county court of KYCo.,VA.
   In 1779 James, Jr. purchased from
the Henderson company land in Jefferson Co., KY. on Beargrass Creek, Harrod's Creek, and Goose Creek, but by defective title and litigation in VA. courts the land grant was declared null and void. James, Jr. ended up having to purchase this land through litigation. "The Beargrass country", which was called Beargrass, Va. is where Louisville, KY. now is located. Beargrass Creek at that time emptied into the Ohio Rr. between Third & Fourth St. James, Jr.'s next six children were born here. James served under Capt. William Harrod's Co. in 1780. Proof: "Collins History of KY.,Vol I, fol. 12.
      From Jefferson Co., KY., Book 2, f. 188 James Stuart from William Pope, 200 acres of land. This is taken from the General Index of Grantees, and a search for Book 2 disclosed that it, with Book 3, had been burned. In Jefferson Co., KY. Book 4, f. 33. James and Rebekah Stuart to Thomas Downs, (son-in-law) 37 acres in Jefferson Co., KY., adjoining where Stuart now lives and touching lands of Capt. Archer. May 1, 1793. Presented at Jefferson Co. Court, July 3, 1793. Also Jefferson Co., KY., Book 4, f. 542. Dec. 5, 1797 James Stuart to Alexander Smoot, 163 acres land in Jefferson Co., KY., on which Stuart now lives. Note that total number of acres sold to Downs & Smoot tallies the 200 acres bought of Pope.
      al-16pxn>Maumee Rapids
the younger James Stewart was killed by Indians. <; James, Jr. gave part of his land in KY. that was located on Harrod's Creek to his oldest sons, William and John. This probably recorded in burned Jefferson Co. Deed Books.
     From article on his great-grandson, Lafayette Stewart, it states that James, Jr. was granted a large tract of land on the banks of the Ohio River, part of the land being on the present site of Covington, KY., and part on the present site of Cincinnati,OH. I have not checked to find out if this can be proved.
     Jefferson Co. was formed in 1780, but KY. did not become a state until June 1, 1792. James Stewart on the advice of his friend, Gen. George Rogers Clark, who owned extensive tracts of land in Clark Co., IN. moved to a farm near Greenville (now in Floyd Co.) and acquired large holdings of land in that vicinity.  From Jefferson Co., KY., Book 4, f. 579. Feb. 15, 1798. James Stuart from William and Jane Sullivan, 250 acres of land in the
Illinois Grant Indiana, Grant # 70, containing the waters of Pleasant Run. Also Thomas Downs sells his 37 acres in Jefferson Co., KY. that he purchased from his father-in-law, to William Baxter on Feb. 1, 1799.
    It was around this time that he moved to the Indiana side of the river. From Record of
Fourteen Mile Church records, the oldest Baptist church in IN. was organized in 1798, located near Charlestown, Clark Co., IN. First meeting was Feb. 16,1799; the first building was approved in 1804, after the name was changed to the Silver Creek Baptist Church about 1803. Original record book of 1798-1802 has not been found. From records of Feb. 1802 there are 71 members of which are James, Jr. and his wife, Rebecca; also his oldest daughter Priscilla & her husband, Thomas Downs. Also listed is his son, David Stewart. From records, James Stewart was Rec'd by letter on Dec. 12, 1801; On Feb. 14, 1802 Brother Harrod, Brother Stuart and Brother George Newland were appointed Elders of the Church. On June 12, 1802 Thomas Downs was received by letter, David Stewart by experience, both Priscilla Downs by experience on July 10, 1802; Rebecca Stewart by experience on May 29, 1803. Thomas & Priscilla Downs are buried in the Silver Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.
     From Jefferson Co.,KY. Court Minutes on p. 52 Dated Dec. 3, 1805.  It is ordered that the Administrators of William Sullivan, dec'd., be allowed $4.00 for one old wolf scalp and four young wolf scalps, as per certificate granted James Stewart and assigned to William Sullivan, and that the same be paid out of the depositum laid this day.
     Aug. 7, 1799, he deeded a farm in Clark Co., IN. to his son David containing 100 acres and a farm in the same county to his son-in-law, Thomas Downs containing 150 acres. Both of these tracts of land were located in Grant # 70.  Grant #70 land was conveyed to James Stewart by William Sullivan in whose name the original grant was made. Nov. 26, 1810, he deeded a farm in the Rogers Clark grant to his son Stephen. Located in
Grant #92 containing eighty acres. Then on the following day, Nov. 27, 1810 James & Rebecca deed eighty-eight acres in Grant #92 to their youngest son, Isaac, land on which the plantation house of James & Rebecca Stewart was located & and also the Stewart Cemetery was located on this property.
Dec. 16, 1811 the first shock of the great earthquake along the New Madrid fault was felt by the early settlers of Floyd Co. and continued with varied severity until the 21st of April 1812, when the last tremor was felt. Streams disappeared, trees moved, chimneys fell, homes cracked. I imagine James, Jr. thought the world was coming to an end. He deeded a farm near Greenville, IN. to his son Isaac a month before his death on Nov. 27, 1812. James, Jr. is listed in "Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution".
     The home place was located on Stacy Rd, Grant #92. This was later owned by Homer Stacy in 1947, and the inscriptions from the Stewart Cemetery were copied by B. C. Holmes at that time. Located Charlestown Township, Clark Co., IN.  The farm is now owned by the Horlander family; they do not like any strangers on their property. From letters by Mrs. Amelia Lester, a descendant of David Stewart, states that James, Jr. had a headstone, but that it was broken and crumbling in 1914. From Alice E. Worrell notes, she states that in the 1930's there were 3 or 4 field stone graves besides the marked graves. The old plantation house of James, Jr. was still standing at that time. It was a 2-story brick house on a stone foundation. The windows had small panes and chimneys at each end. Two rooms up & two down, possibly with a hall between. There was a gallery at the back and beyond it a frame kitchen. Very comfortable living for that era. From information supplied by Mr. Lewman (neighbor of the Horlanders in 2000 , who also lives on Stewart land), he states that there is but one small stone standing & the others are laying flat & covered in the cemetery.
      James Stewart, Jr. died Dec. 29, 1812 on his farm and is buried there. His will is on file in Clark Co., IN. Outside jacket reads: James Stewart Will  22nd March Term 1813 proved by the oath of William Goodwin & Amos H. Goodwin & ordered to Record. Adm. with the will annexed granted Merchant Stewart ( his son) Feby. 14, 1814. Recorded in Book A & pages 112 & 113 (signed) Isaac Shelby, clerk.
     James Stewart of Clark County, IN. divided his plantation between his two youngest sons. He gave his son Isaac the part where he lived consisting of eighty-eight acres, and his son Stephen eighty acres on that part where Isaac Lamb improved, Grant #92. Stephen's 80 acres was willed to his son, James Hervey Stewart, who sold it to Lewis Bottoroff on April 1, 1830. He also gave his son Isaac: wagon, two horses, all farming instruments, bed, bed clothes, bed sted, one saddle and bridle, one cow, one ewe & lamb, and four sows. To Sarah Fleehart: one bed and bed clothes, one saddle, one cow, one ewe and lamb, one oven, twenty five shillings, & spinning wheel. The other part of his property not mentioned he left two thirds to his son Marchant and his daughter Elizabeth, equally divided the other third to be equally divided between his son David and his daughter Rebecca all of which to remain in the hands of his wife until her death. Signed on the fourth day of April 1810. This will was written and signed by James Stuart in the presence of William Goodwin, William Akin & Amos H. Goodwin. Remember that his oldest sons, William & John both died in Sept. 1805 a few weeks apart.
     He mentions his children by referring to them as son or daughter in his will. Not quite sure who Sarah Fleehart is. From Clark Co., IN. marriages "Sally" Fleehart marries Joseph A. Biggs on Oct. 21, 1813, returned on Nov. 30, 1813. This would have been 10 months after James, Jr. died. Sally was the daughter of Joshua Fleehart.
Joshua Fleehart died in 1801 in Woods Co.,WV. (VA). (Possibly Joshua was married to James Stewart Jr.'s sister & she died also; even though family tradition lists only the sons of James & Elizabeth Stewart.) Joshua was also the father of James, John & Ruth Fleehart. A Joshua Fleehart was listed on the 1800 KY. Tax List from Ohio Co. A James Fleehart married Catherine (Kit) Stewart May 4, 1809 in Adair Co., KY. Catherine was born April 20, 1789 in PA., and died Oct. 1, 1867 in Arlington, Rush Co., IN. Catherine was the daughter of  Hugh Stewart.  Catherine's husband, James Fleehart (Sally Fleehart Biggs' brother) was killed abt. 1815 by Indians while hunting with his brother-in-laws, the Stewarts. After this some of the families moved to Rush Co., IN. Sally Fleehart is somehow kin to James Stewart, Jr.; possibly his niece or grand - neice. Also a Sarah Biggs marries John Epley on Dec. 1, 1818. This could possibly be Sarah Fleehart who married Joseph Biggs and he might have died. If anyone has any information on this Fleehart mystery I would love to hear from you. I know they are related, but how!
Pictures from the life of James Stewart, Jr.
     This is the land that James, Jr. & Rebecca Marchant Stewart lived on near Inwood, WV. Mill Creek is in the foreground; it empties into Opecquon Creek to the right in the picture. It is now known as Mill Creek Farm. It is located where 26 & 28 join. I took this picture in August 1998. His wife's step- father owned the original patent. He sold the land to them in 1766. They sold this land in 1768 to John Hays, the minister of their church, and moved to Redstone Old Fort in Brownsville, PA. 
     This is Anderson's Mill, now known as Bunker Hill Mill. This would have been the mill that James Stewart, Jr. used. It was built by his neighbor, James Anderson's father. This is the oldest Mill on Mill Creek in Berkeley Co., WV. I took this picture in August 1998. The present owners were very gracious in letting me look around. This is listed on the Register of Historical places.
     This is the ruins of the James Stewart, Jr. mansion. It is located on his plantation, Grant # 92, in Clark Co., IN. James,Jr. was the original settler of this land. It is located on Stacy Rd., off of Charlestown Pike in Clark Co., IN., near Charlestown. The present owners are the Horlander family. The Stewart family cemetery is also located on this 88 acre piece of property. The original stone fencing runs along Stacy Rd. from this era. This house would have been the signs of an affluent family of that era. Many fireplaces up & down, chair rail, cupboards built in the walls; the fireplace in the basement was the kitchen. A wooden edition added later for kitchen.

My Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather-
James Stewart, Sr.

the mystery man!
      Family tradition has it that James Stewart, Sr. went to the University of Edinburgh, and that he applied for a land patent through The Virginia Company and that he and his wife, Elizabeth, came to America. There are discrepancies in this because family tradition says he received a Land Patent from The VA. Co. on Nov. 22, 1722 , but the VA. Co. was dissolved in 1624. A James Steward did receive  a land patent on Nov.22,1622 through the VA. Co. , so if this is our James we are missing a 100 years. James Sr. could have been granted a land patent on Nov.22,1722, but not from The VA. Co. Could this be his birthdate: Nov. 22, 1722? Then I think the most possible link would be James Stewart, born 1722, who was son of John Stewart, born abt. 1695 in Berwhickshire, Scotland. He was direct descendant of Mary Queen of Scots.
      Our Stewart line is supposedly connected to Mary Queen of Scots, from family oral tradition. According to Rebecca Marchant Stewart's diaries, her father-in-law, James Sr. was a witness to a deed June 6,1727 for 3,000 pounds of tobacco and 100 acres of land. This can be verified in VA. Co. Records,
Spotsylvania Co., VA.,Vol. I by William Armstrong Crozier p. 99. Jany. 17,1726. John Blackley of St. Geo. Par., Spts. Co., to Robert Williams of the same par. and county. 3000 lbs. tob. 100 a. of land on north side Massaponnax Swamp - part of a pat. formerly granted John Quarles on Septr. 30,1723. Witnesses: John Quarles, James Stewart, Stephen Beckham. Rec. June 6, 1727. Another entry from this same source on p. 140. Oct. 30,1735. Joseph Brock of St. Geo.Par.,ive Spts. Co., Gent., "for consideration of Rice Curtis, Junr., intermarrying with one of ye sd. Joseph Brock's daughters," etc. Deed of Gift. 865 acres in St. Geo. Par. Spts. Co., - part of two patents granted Larkin Chew, decd.,one, June 4,1722, the other,June 12,1723, conveyd by sd. Chew to sd, Brock, as by Deeds, Oct. 17, 1723. Wm. Bartlett, Anthony Foster, James Stewart. Feby. 3,1735-36.
    Do not know for sure since I have not located this diary that the information came from. Family Bible records show that James Stewart, Esquire of Buckham came from Scotland. James Steward,  Esq. that was granted the patent on Nov. 22,1622 came to America on the Fortune in 1621. Not much can be found on him in research. I surmise that he might have returned to Scotland and that his son's later came to Am. of which Alexander and Duncan could have been two of them. Where family tradition says that he was educated at the University of Edinburgh requires more research.  In VA. Wills & Administrations 1632-1800 by Torrence, he lists a James Stewart - Berkeley Co.,VA. 1765 inventory - 1767 will. A great many descendants of our James,Sr. have speculated that this is our James, but since Berkeley Co. wasn't established until 1772, we do not know where Torrence found this information. I have guessed at his age,since family papers have him witnessing the deed in 1727, he would have had to be an adult by then. I have not found the descendant who has the papers that shows he witnessed this, just family tradition and Jennie Murray Stewart's Book.
     There is a James Stewart of Orange Co.,VA. who was appointed survey of roads in 1741 (2 entries). Frederick Co. was created from Orange Co. in 1743, so this entry in 1741 could have been our James Sr. I tend to think that James Stewart, son of John of Berwhickshire is the most logical link.
     James,Sr. & wife, Elizabeth had five sons according to family tradition: John, James, William,  Stephen, & George. My book (  Descendants of James Stewart, Jr. 1743 - 1812  Origins of the Stewart Family Volume I) concentrates on James, Jr.'s descendants. I do have many descendants collected from the George Stewart line though, if anyone is interested. No record of Stephen except that he stayed in Anne Arundel Co., MD. from family legend.
     From a chart in Col. John Dudley Long's papers (noted genealogist & descendant of James Stewart, Jr.) he lists David Stewart b. 1616 & buried Oct. 20, 1696 of Anne Arundel Co., MD. as the progenitar of our line. This David married Margaret Beeson who was buried Nov. 8, 1700. Will 1696 Ann Arundel Co., MD.: To eldest son David, my dwelling place called "Younger Besson" patented for 50 acres. To son Robert a mare and a gun. To son Charles a colt and gun. To youngest son James a colt at 21. Sons to live with their mother till 21. This David Stewart was commissioned "Lieut." under Capt. Thomas Besson, commander in chief of Anne Arundel Co. Robert inherited "Younger Beeson" from his brother David. James Stewart, son of David married Rachel Wicholl. He was buried in 1752. This James was father of David & Margaret who were both baptised 10-18-1717, James ( our ancestor according to Col. Long's chart) baptised 8-18-1723, John & Priscilla no dates given for them. Robert who inherited the land had the following children: David, Vincent, Charles, John, Robert, Caleb, Susanna, Dianah, & Stephen. This Stephen married 1st in 1730 to Elizabeth Rutland, daughter of Thomas & Jane Rutand. Then he married 2nd in 1734 Elizabeth Ward, daughter of John & Elizabeth Ward. This Stephen inherited "Younger Beeson".

From : In Search of Scottish Ancestry by Gerald Hamilton - Edwards 1980 by Gen. Pub. Co., Inc. Baltimore it gives the naming customs and variations of this for Scotland. I thought I would include this for your use:
The eldest son after the paternal grandfather.
The second son after the maternal grandfather.
The third son after the father.
The eldest daughter after the maternal grandmother.
The second daughter after the paternal grandmother.
The third daughter after the mother.
Younger children would be named after earlier forbears, but the pattern would be less settled. One variation from the above was the eldest son to be names after the mother's father and the eldest daughter after the father's mother. In this case the second son would be named after the father's father and the second daughter after the mother's mother. Occasionally the second son and daughter would be named after the father and mother instead of the third son and daughter. Another variation was to call the third daughter after one of the great-grandmothers instead of the mother. In such case the fourth daughter would usually be called after the mother.
Scottish Naming order
Born abt. 1707?
Died abt. 1758?
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Descendants of James Stewart,Jr.

1  James Stewart,Jr. b: June 08, 1743 in Frederick Co.,VA. d: December 29, 1812 in near Charlestown,Clark Co.,IN.
.+Rebecca Marchant b: March 23, 1748 in Frederick Co.,VA. m: June 01, 1765 in Frederick Co.,VA. d: July 15, 1829 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
2  William Stewart b: March 17, 1766 in Frederick Co.,VA. d: September 08, 1806 in Harrod's Creek,Jefferson Co.,KY.
...+Mary Nancy Ann Daniel b: Abt. 1770 m: November 17, 1793 in Jefferson Co.,KY.
2  James Stewart b: January 05, 1767 in Frederick Co.,VA.  d: Nov 4, 1791 in what is now known as Fort Recovery, Mercer Co., Ohio by Indians at St. Clair's Defeat
2  John Stewart b: May 02, 1771 in Frederick Co.,VA. d: September 25, 1805 in Jefferson Co.,KY.
...+Elizabeth Hughes m: May 15, 1791 in Jefferson Co.,KY
2  Priscilla Stewart b: September 03, 1772 in Redstone Fort,PA. (now Brownsville,PA.) d: September 02, 1854 in Clark Co.,IN.
...+Thomas Downs  b: October 01, 1765 in Baltimore,Baltimore Co.,MD. m: March 02, 1789 in Jefferson Co.,KY. d: February 27, 1824 in Clark Co.,IN.
2  David Davis Stewart b: March 06, 1776 in Redstone Fort,PA. (now Brownsville,PA.)
...+Eleanor Scott  b: 1778 in Hampshire Co.,VA. m: August 20, 1799 in Jefferson Co.,KY.
*2nd Wife of David Davis Stewart:
...+Minnie Blackwell b: in Berkeley,Norfolk,VA. m: March 23, 1809 in Clark Co.,IN.
*3rd Wife of David Davis Stewart:
...+Minta Gullett b: Abt. 1800 m: May 07, 1821 in Clark Co.,IN.
2  Anna Stewart b: December 15, 1778 in Beargrass,VA. d: in infancy. Beargrass,VA.
Rebecca Stewart b: October 26, 1781 in Beargrass,Kentucky Co.,VA.(now Louisville,KY.) d: September 29, 1862 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
...+Jeremiah Mayes b: April 1, 1769 in PA. d: November 21, 1837 in Knox Co., IN. m: November 03, 1796 in Jefferson Co.,KY.
*2nd Husband of Rebecca Stewart:
...+Josiah T. Akin b: March 15, 1777 in Beargrass,Kentucky Co.,VA.(now Louisville,KY.) m: May 24, 1806 in Henry Co.,KY. d: March 18, 1858 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
2  Marchant Stewart b: January 26, 1784 in Beargrass,Kentucky Co.,,VA.(now Louisville,KY.) d: December 19, 1849 in Jefferson Co.,KY
...+Sarah Thomas b: December 03, 1792 in KY. m: May 22, 1812 in Jefferson Co.,Ky. d: October 26, 1865 in Owensboro,Daviess Co.,KY.
2  Stephen Stewart b: July 20, 1786 in Beargrass,Kentucky Co.,VA.(now Louisville,KY.) d: Bef. May 11, 1812 in Charlestown,Clark Co.,IN.
...+Elizabeth Kirkpatrick b: Abt. 1782 in PA. m: July 19, 1806 in Harrod's Creek,Jefferson Co.,KY. d: 1818 in Jefferson Co.,KY.
2  Elizabeth Stewart b: December 19, 1790 in Beargrass,Kentucky Co.,VA.(now Louisville,KY.) d: Abt. 1815 in probably childbirth in IN.
...+John Stewart b: Abt. 1777 m: January 1807 in Beargrass,VA. d: February 02, 1841 in Wabash Co.,IL.
2  Isaac Stewart b: April 03, 1792 in Beargrass,Kentucky Co.,VA.(now Louisville,KY.) d: August 13, 1863 in Sullivan ,Sullivan Co.,IN.
...+Susan Chewksbury Winn Redman b: March 08, 1795 in Montgomery Co.,MD. m: December 23, 1813 in Clark Co.,IN. d: October 04, 1832 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
*2nd Wife of Isaac Stewart:
...+Mary Murphy b: 1817 in VA.  m: March 28, 1841 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.  d: July 29, 1889 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN.
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Children of James Stewart, Jr.
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