He served Sept.10,1813 - Jan. 17,1814 in Capt. Cummings Co. Mounted Infantry, under Gen. Andrew Jackson, in "Creek - Indian War". He reinlisted on April 27,1814 under Capt. James Loughmiller. Later he was "furloughed to drive his own wagon train." (Personally I think this is when he moved his family to Glasgow, KY.) Original discharge papers in possession of Laura J. Stewart, 1998. He served three months in 1813 under Gen. Andrew Jackson in Creek Indian War - said by veterans to have been the most brutal treatment of Indians (especially women and children) ever recieved along with the Cherokee Removal later. George's unit was known as East TN. Vol. Mtd. Inf.
     In October, 1818, he sold his land in
Hawkins Co., TN. to Robert Wright and moved to Barren Co., KY. He is listed on the Barren Co. 1820 census living with his mother Eleanor Church. On 1830 Barren Co. census: 2 males under 5 (Arthur and John), 1 male (George). He was killed by his brother - in - law, Albert Berry. War 1812 Bounty Warrent #57628 for 40 acres, Sept. 28,1850, issued May 19,1852 in favor of Milly Church, widow of George Church, for service in Capt. James Cummins Co.,TN. Militia.
Murder of George W. Church
transcribed by Laura J. Stewart
( My  comments in parentheses - LSC )

All original spelling of words included even if misspelled.
Cover of Jacket : Commonwealth vs Albert Berry - papers.
In pencil written : George Church Murder.
Inside :
Statement of the evidence taken down & given in on the trial of Albert Berry ( brother - in - law of George Church ) before James Frazier and William J. Garnett the Commonwealth attorney on a charge of Felony in the comminson of murder by to--(paper missing) life of George Church - Roland Steeples ( Staples) being sworn stated that on Tuesday evening the 22nd May last George Church was told that Albert Berry had thrown at his bucket and broken it, that he got mad & threatened to whip Albert Berry - that the next morning before breakfast as George Church was going to his work he (Roland) went by where Albert Berry & George Steeples ( possibly another brother of James & Roland) were at work, may be 100 or more yards out of his way, & if any conversation took place between them he did not hear it - that while Church was there & standing with his back to the Albert Berry, or perhaps might have been quartering to him he saw Albert Berry, the Prisoner, strike Church somewhere on the back of the head with a hoe - Church fell & never rose again, that witness ( Roland Staples) ran to take him up but that Church pushed him away & tried to say something, that witness then went for Moses Berry ( brother of Albert & Milly ) about a quarter of a mile off & in about three minutes after he returned Church died of the wound - on Cross examination witness stated he can't say he said everything, can't say Church was quartering to Berry, that on the Evening before Church made some threats when told his bucket was broken - in the morning Church was only about 2 or 3 minutes where Albert Berry & George Staples ( spelled correctly) were before Church was struck by Berry as above stated, that Church was a man about witnesses own height, tolerably large & that he considered a passionate turbulent man - that about a week probably before Church was killed there had been a sort of fight between Berry & Church - that Church said he had given one of the Denisons a hard left, A Berry asked him what hindered him from being a strong man, Church replied he could break Berry into & wipe his behind with him - that may be more words passed, & they took up rocks. Church told Berry to put down his rocks. Berry replied he would if Church would, which they both did - that some word took place & Church choked Berry, who then told Church that he would be able to fight him some day. Church said no. Berry was to damned a coward - that this took place something like a week before Berry Killed Church. Witness (Roland) afterwards told Berry not to make any fuss with Church - that Church was killed about a quarter mile from his house in a field rented of him by Roland Steeples,( I believe that George's brother,Thomas J. & Amassa Church &  his sister,Mary Anne Church Staples & her husband, James Staples & his siblings all lived on George Church's land.) the witness - that the hoe with which Church was killed was his own, that it was somewhat worn & had a common eye to it - that after Berry had knocked Church down he run off & C.
Inside - page 2 :
( Corner missing top left corner) Joseph Merrill ( Doctor) being called & sworn stated that he was ---tor (visitor) to see Mr. Church the morning he was killed, that Church (was dead) when he got there & that he did not wash the head but examined the wound - that there appeared to be three impressions made by out ward violence, can't say whether by the hoe, or by falling - one impression on the top of the head, the other behind somewhat to the left, the other on the right of the head near the temple - that the two first were contusions, not breaking the skull & contained an effusion of matter or fluids, that the blood on the right of the head was more violent the skull being entirely mashed & broken - opinion of witness that Church was struck after he was down, because by the stroke on the right side the skull was broken & knocked in - that Appoplexy sometimes Killed suddenly but generally by an internal effusion of blood, & that the blows on Churches head could not have been occasioned by Appoplexy - that rap on ( missing - probably rap on head produces) a temination of blood to the brain, & when a man is in that situation a slight lick may be done along the ( missing - disunded?) blood befells, that drunkeness has a tendancy to give a man appoplexy - witness knew George Church about 9 months, never knew him to be drunk, Opinion of witness that the blow could not have been occasioned by Apploxey or termination of blood to the brain, that the injuries were distinct & unconnected, & must have been occasioned by out ward violence.
Thomas Church (George's brother Henry C. Church's oldest son) being sworn stated - that he is about 17 years of age understands the nature of an oath & - that he said Church & Berry to go then in the field, that he had gone on before Church to work in Churches field, that Church had gone may be a hundred yards more or less out of his way to go where Berry was - that witness was standing 100 yards may be more or less, that it was early in the morning before breakfast, that he heard Church ask A. Berry mildly what reasons he had for breaking his bucket - that he heard no more conversation  that Berry put out his hand to Church who then left Berry & came toward witness, that Albert Berry followed him & struck him with a hoe - that Church fell & witness went to the house of his Uncle George Church, the dec'd, alarmed & got a horse & went for Dr. Merrill - that when he got back his Uncle Church was dead - Witness heard a conversation the evening before between George Staples, at the time they threw at the bucket, that they came to where witness (Thomas) was in the field, & witness told them they ought not to have thrown at the Bucket  that it was wrong, both swore they had not thrown at the bucket - witness saw them throwing at the bucket - that George Steeples said he would see George Churches entrails & Albert Berry said he would kill him - that this took place the evening before the murder - Witness told Church of the threat & Church said he could "whip a field bull" - Church was not mad when he said so, but was when told they had broken his bucket & threatened to prosecute Berry, but then said no he would whip him. Witness never had a quarrell with Albert Berry in his life - that Albert Berry was brother-in-law to Church who married his sister.
Page 3:
Jacob Denison,witness on part of defendant, being sworn stated that he went together with John Denison & Thomas Church to look at a mare, that he asked Thomas about the lick that was struck & that Thomas stated he saw & heard ( missing - probably , the arguement) but did not see it, ( referring to the Lick) this was according to his best recollection, but ( missing - probably , he can't) be positive - - this took place about three hours after Church was killed.
Henry Staples ( husband of Luann Pulliam, daughter of James & Susannah Berry Pulliam. Henry is somehow connected to the Staples line, probably another brother of James & Roland) saw the fight which took place about a week before Church was killed between Church & Albert Berry, Church said he had given one of the Denisons a hard left at a log rolling - Berry then asked him why he was not strong - Church then said he could take Berry & break him in two & wipe his behind with one part of him - Berry said he reckoned not - they then picked up rocks - thinks may be Berry picked up rocks first, after the while they put down rocks & after some thing more Church choked Berry & pushed him down, Berry got up & said he would be man enough for Church someday & then he would pay him, that Church was generally called a passionate man.
John Denison being sworn states - that he went with Thomas Church to a stable about 3 hours after Church was killed to see a (missing - mare) - that Thomas told him he saw the lick & afterwards when asked Church by witness stated he did not see it but heard it - that Jacob ( missing - Denison) did not go with them.
Moses Berry (brother-in-law of George Church & brother of Albert Berry) stated on oath - that he heard Thomas Church say that he heard his Uncle to ask Berry at the time he was killed, why he broke his bucket, & that he heard the sound of something else but it was not distinct & he could not tell what it was they said.
Pleasant Matthews, on the part of the Commonwealth, being sworn stated that about 12 months ago to the best of his recollection Albert Berry threatened George Church his brother-in-law can't be certain however that it was a threat, but that he recollects reproving to Berry for what he said, & after wards told Church that he might be on his guard - witness knew Church very well - that he had had dealings with him to the amount of some hundreds of dollars, & that he was a correct, upright, valuable, honest fine citizen & man, & that for about three years before his death he was a sober man as any - that when he told Church of Berry's threats, he said he was not afraid of his doing him any harm.
The foregoing is the substance of the evidence given in before us as a court of inquiry to try Albert Berry for the murder of George Church on the 29 day of May 1832   /s/ W J Garnett, JPBC and James Frazer, JPBC
1832 May the 26th Executed and returned to John Morres & Allen Singleton, Esqr. /s/ Isaiah Miller, DS for D Georgegan, SHC.
The Comth of Kentucky, Hardin County S N ? County To any Sheriff or Constable of said county greeting. Where as information was this day Made to Me by the oath of Otis McLure that Albert Berry Did Commit a Murder on the Bodie of George Church on the 22nd Day of the Present Month May 1832 in the County of Barren and State afforesaid. You are therefore Commanded to take the bodie of the Albert Berry and him bring before two Justices of the Peace for said County and there and then to be Delt with as the Law Directs in Such Cases  given under my hand this 26th of May 1832  /s/ John Morriss, J. P. ( Justice of Peace) Summons for Comth Othy ( name probably Otha) McLure, Squire Hornback, Jesse Philips, Dosier Gill Witnesses Claim one Day Each
Hardin County Session
This Day the within named Albert Bery was brought before us two Justice of the Peace in and for the County afforesaid upon the above warrant and upon hearing the testimony We Do order and a Judge that that (sic) the Sheriff of Hardin County Do forthwith Convey him the said Berry to the County of Barren before same two Justices of that County there to be tried and Delt with as Directed by Law. Given under our hands this 26th Day of May 1832 /s/ John Morris, JPHC (Justice of Peace Hardin Co.) & Allen Singleton
We the undersigned as Justices of Hardin County, after hearing the Evidence on the Part  of the Commonwealth relating to the within case: are of Opinion the within Named Albert Berry be gilty of the Charge Complained of in the warrant and should be tried in the Circuit Court given under our hands this 26th Day of May 1832 /s/ John Morris JPHC Allen Singleton JPHC
In persuance of the warrant & the order of Allen Singleton & John Morris Justices in& for Hardin County did deliver Albert Berry to Wm J Garnett & James Fraser Justices in & for the County of Barren - also summoned Nathaniel Malone & C W Miller as gards who attend as such from Elizabeth (Elizabethtown) to the Coynty seat of Barren County May the 29th 1832 /s/ Isaiah Miller, DS for Denton Georghegan, SHC
(The left hand side of this paper has been cut along the left margin sometimes cutting off the first letter of the line.)
Barren County towit :
Be it remembered that Roland Steeples, Joseph Merrel, Pleasant Matthews & Thomas Church this day appeared before us, William J. Garnett & James Frasier Justices of the peace for said County and acknowledged them selves severally indebted to the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the sum of $100 to be levied of the lands, tenements, goods & chattles but to be void on the said Roland Steeples, Joseph Merrel, Pleasant Matthews, & Thomas Church personally appearing in the Circuit Court for the County aforesaid on the first day of their next June Term of said Court then & there to give evidence on behalf of the Commonwealth against Albert Berry on a charge of Felony acknowledged before us this 30 day of May 1832 Acknowledged before us Wm J Garnett JP & James Frazer JP /s/ Roland (X) Staples, Joseph Merrill, P. Matthews, Thomas (X) Church
The following summons were issued by Richard Garnett :
To Rolin Staples, Henry Staples, Moses Berry, Jacob Denison, George Staples, Wm Gibbs, John Spriggs, Jesse Huley, Tilford Nevell on behalf of Albert Berry June 1, 1832

To George Tindell, Henry Tindell, John Gibbs,William Griffen, Nancy Griffeth, John Mayfield,Jr. & John Merret on behalf of the Commonwealth June 9, 1832

To James Staples & Thomas Feland on behalf of the Commonwealth June 11, 1832

To George Matthews & John Forrester,Jr. on behalf of the Commonwealth June 19, 1832

To Wilson Ryon & Milly Church on behalf of Albert Berry June 20, 1832

To Pleasant Clark on behalf of the Commonwealth June 21, 1832
Outside: Berry ags. Commth - Affixed. Sworn to in court by Albert Berry June 21st 1832. /s/ R Garnett, CBCC.
The Commonwealth } Upon an Indictment for Murder
Albert Berry

The Defendant States that George Steeples is a material witness for him in his defense By him he believes dexpects he can prove that the deceased alledged in the indictment to have been murdered, at the time of the encounter, made the first assault upon this Defendant and that whatever force this Deft (Defendant) used was in self defence. This affiant is under 21 years of age (age 20) ,has since his arrest been confined in jail, is without money or property, & his friends have had to make all the preparation for his defence that before or shortly after this affiant was arrested said Steeples without the direction or knowledge of this affiant left this State & as he is informed and believes & now is in the State of Missouri (Tennessee crossed out), so that this affiant & his friends could not have him summoned. From the shortness of the time Since his arrest, he has not been able by means of his friends to procure the attendance of said Staples as a witness, for it has only been about three weeks ago since he was arrested. He caused a Subpoena to be issued to the Sheriff of Barren County in due time to be executed to this term hoping that said Steeples might return to this County after he heard he was gone, for when he heard he was gone he did not learn where he had gone, & it was not until (smeared) about one or two days before this term that he learnt he was in Missouri. He however expects & believes he will be able to procure the attendance of said witness at the next term of this court.

The widow of the deceased is also a material witness for him - by her he expects & believes that he can prove that Thos Church a witness on the part of the prosecution & who has already sworn that he saw affiant strike deceased with the hoe, shortly after the reencounter told said widow who inquired of him if he saw affaint struke her husband with the hoe, stated that he did not, which will be important to the defence of affaint. Said widow resides in Barren County has been Summoned, does not attin (?) her attendance has not been prevented by affiant, expects & believes he can procure her attendance at the next term of this court. He asks a continuance for the purposes of Justice
/s/ Albert Berry
Further summons were issued:
To Roland Staples, Thomas Church, Sarah Ann Staples ( Roland's wife, Milly Berry Church's sister), James Forrister( Parks T.'s father), and Wm Griffin on behalf of the Commonwealth Aug. 25, 1832
To John Forrister Jr., John Spriggs, Daniel Spencer and Nathaniel Forbes ( neighbor to George whose children married into the Shader family) on behalf of the Commonwealth Aug. 25, 1832
To Nancy Griffen, George Tindle, Henry Tindle, John Mayfield, James Savage( brother-in-law of Milly Berry Church), Susan Pulliam(sister of Milly Berry Church) on behalf of the Commonwealth Aug. 25, 1832
To Joseph Merrill (Doctor) ,Pleasant Matthews, George Matthews on behalf of the Commonwealth Sept. 1, 1832
To Rolin Staples, Henry Staples(husband of Luann Pulliam,Susannah Berry Pulliam's daughter), Moses Berry, Jacob Denison, George Staples, Wm Gibbs(brother of Mary Ann Gibbs who married Norflet Parker West), John Sprigg (crossed out), Jesse Hulsey, Tilford Nevill,Wilson Ryon and Milly Church(crossed out) on behalf of Albert Berry Sept. 3, 1832
To James Staples(husband of Mary Ann Church), Thomas Staples(James & Mary Anne's son), James Savage(brother-in-law of Milly Berry Church), William Griffin, John Denison, John Forrester Jr., Polly Staples ( sister of George W. Church,Mary Anne), and William Staples (James & Mary Anne's son) on behalf of Albert Berry Note that executed on all by Polly Staples and James Savage Sept. 3, 1832
To John Merritt on behalf of the Commonwealth Sept. 17,1832 Hart County KY.
To James Warren on behalf of the Commonwealth Sept. 17,1832
To George Rogers on behalf of Albert Berry Sept. 18,1832
To William Gibbs on behalf of the Commonwealth Sept. 18,1832
To Wm R Sizer to give evidence to the grand jury Sept. 18,1832
To David Wade to give evidence to the grand jury Sept. 18,1832
Outside: The Commonwealth vs Albert Berry and George Steeples  a True Bill. Indictment for Murder. /s/ George Galloway, foreman of the Grand Jury. Z. Wheat, Att.
State of Kentucky, Barren County and Circuit SCT.

The Grand Jurors for the Commonwealth of Kentucky empannelled and sworn to enquire for the body of Barren County. Upon their oath represent that Albert Berry late of the County of Barren labourer, not having the fear of God before his eyes, but being moved and seduced by the instigation of the devil on the twenty-second day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty two in the County aforesaid did feloniously willfully and of his malice aforethought make an assault in and upon one George Church with a weeding hoe which he the said Albert Berry then and there had and held in his hands did then and there feloniously wilfully and of his malice aforethought strike and knock the said George Church in and upon his head whereby the said George Church instantly fell to the ground giving to the said George Church then and there by the striking aforesaid in manner and form aforesaid three mortal strokes wounds and bruises in and upon the head of him the said George Church of which said several mortal wounds and bruises he the said George Church on the twenty second day of May aforesaid in the year aforesaid in the County aforesaid of the several mortal strokes wounds and bruises aforesaid died  And so the Jurors aforesaid upon theeir oath aforesaid do say that the said Albert Berry (killed) him the said George Church in manner and form aforesaid feloniously wilfully and of his malice aforethought did kill and murder contrary to the form of the statute in such case made and provided and against the peace and dignity of the Common -wealth of Kentucky. And that George Steeples late of the County of Barren labourer before and at the time the felony and murder aforesaid had been done and committed by the said Albert Berry in the manner and form aforesaid that is to say on the Twenty second day of May in the year aforesaid in the County of Barren aforesaid did maliciously feloniously voluntarily and of his malice aforethought incite move abet couerce procure and assist the aforesaid Albert Berry to do and commit the felony and murder in manner and form aforesaid to be done and committed Contrary to the form of the Stature in such case made and provided and against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  /s/ Z WHEAT, Att. for the Commonwealth.
Outside: The Commonwealth vs Albert Berry } Indictment for Murder.
A True Bill. Saml P. Bowdery, Foreman of the Grand Jury. Z Wheat (Prosecuting Attorney)
State of Kentucky Barren County and Circuit Towit

      The Grand Jurors for the Commonwealth of Kentucky - this is a word for word duplicate of indictment shown above. This was added:
"We of the jury find Albert Berry Guilty of Man Slaughter & to be confined in the jail & Penitentiar (sic) for the space of two years.  /s/ John Jameson ,foreman"
Outside: Commth vs Geo Staples. To Sept 1 1835. No inhabitant Sept 21st 1835./s/ J---,DS for C Harvey, SBC.
The Commonwealth of Kentucky to the sheriff of Barren Greeting. You are hereby again commanded to take George Steeples if he be found within yourbailiwick and him safely Keep so that you have his body before the Judge of our Barren Circuit Court at the Court house in Glasgow on the first day of our next September Term to answer to an Indictment exhibited against him in our said Court for maliciously feloniously Voluntarily and of his malice aforethought inciting, moving, abetting, counselling, procuring, and assisting Albert Berry to murder George Church on the 22nd day of May 1832 in the County of Barren & State afsd and have then there this Writ; Witness Richard Garnett Clerk of our said Court at the Court house afsd this 7th day of July 1835 and of the Commonwealth the 44th(?)  /s/ Richd Garnett
      The earliest known ancestor of the Church family was John Christian Church. He served in the Rev. War as a private in Captain David Laird's Co. of the 10th VA. Reg't., commanded by Col. Edward Stevens; he also served under Lieut. Nathan Lamme. He was under the command of Gen. George Washington at Valley Forge in 1778. John Christian was sick during that ill fated winter and was in the hospital according to his pay cards. I think this is where he possibly met his first wife, probably named Almira. This is where Henry C., John Christian's oldest son was conceived according to his pay cards and the date of Henry C.'s birth. Nine months prior to Henry's birth his father was encamped at Valley Forge. Henry was born in Feb. 1779 ( when his father's Co. was transferred to the 6th VA. Regiment under Col. John Green) while camped at Middlebrook, NJ. It is my assumption that his wife probably died and he then married a second time to Eleanor and had three more children: Thomas J.,George W., and Mary Anne. ( John Christian left his wife a child's part in his will which usually meant that it was a second marriage, but remember that this is only a guess!). I want to stress that this is merely my assumption, possibly the differences in births is due to children dying, or John Christian being away at war. He served continuously in the War from Dec. 23, 1776 to July 7, 1783 and was discharged at Winchester Barrick's in Winchester,VA. on July 7,1783. In payment for his services he received 200 acres of land in 1783. He assigned his acreage to Robert Means on May 29, 1792 in Bedford Co.,VA. Around this time that he headed for Carter's Valley in Hawkins Co.,TN. He bought land in Hawkins Co.,TN. Jan. 5,1797 from John Galbreath, who I believe was kin to John's wife Eleanor. John Galbreath received this land from his father, Arthur Galbreath who patented the land in NC. records on Mar. 7th,1789 No. 470 and on Oct. 13,1790 No. 58. The description of John Christian's land is: on the North side of the Holston River on the East fork of Renfroe Creek. This property is close to present day Church Hill,TN. Hy. 11W, turn on Fudges Chapel Rd. John Christian's three sons inherited this property which they sold back and forth between themselves until in 1821 George was in possession of the whole 100 acres which he sold to Robert Wright for $1,000. Robert Wright was the son-in-law of John Galbreath, and if my assumption is correct, he is somehow kin to George. The closest old family cemetery to this property is the Blair cemetery where Armstrong, Sensebough, Galbreath are buried. There are lots of field stone graves here. John Christian Church could possibly be buried here. The other possibility is that he is buried at the original cemetery of the New Providence Presbyterian Church in Carter's Valley. This is the Church that John Christian would have belonged to. This Church was located on a small stream on Bradley Creek. Land on which the first building stood was entered in the name of Arthur Galbraith and now owned by Amis descendants. It is documented that the Galbraith's were Scotch-Irish. From reading The Scotch Irish A Social History by James G. Leyburn pub. by The Univ. of NC. Press. I think John Christian was also of Scotch-Irish descent. This means his ancestors were born in Scotland ( a lowlander) & moved to Ulster Ireland. Known as Ulster Scots. I have not found any conclusive proof as to John Christian's father, but I have an assumption that his father might be the William Church whose Adm. was granted to Joseph Hays on Mar. 19, 1776 in Augusta Co.,VA. Also on Mar. 18, 1777 John Herdman Sr. & Jr. were appointed to appraise the estate of William Church. I have not been able to locate an estate settlement on this William Church. I do not have any proof to connect this yet. John Christian's will, made May 30,1813 was proven in Hawkins Co. on March 1,1814, indicates he died latter part of 1813 or early 1814. Upon John Christian's death, the two youngest sons and daughter came with their mother to Barren Co.,KY. about 1818.The oldest son stayed in TN. moving to Hancock Co., near present day Sneedville on Copper Ridge. All three of John Christian's sons served in the War of 1812, in different divisions. 
     The Church family of Barren Co.,KY.owned extensive amounts of land in that Co., which encompassed all of what is now Lexington Drive down to Happy Valley Rd. and over to Highway 90. The old log house built by George Washington Church, son of John Christian, was located across the road from the family cemetery and it later burned. John Church, son of George Washington Church, first built his home across from the family cemetery, he later built his house where Shelley Riherd's house is now, corner of Longhunters Trail & Lexington Dr. Also his son William Morgan Church built his home there.The old smokehouse still stands in the backyard. That is all that is left. Shelley Riherd used the stones from the original log home (of George Church) in his fireplace at his lakehouse near Lucas, KY. William Morgan Church (Uncle Bill), son of John Church, bought the old hitching post, where horses were tied, that went around the Barren Co. Courthouse in about 1926 to put around the family cemetery. In 1940 Sarah Mildred Church (Aunt Pede), William Morgan's sister, paid $5,000 to have the concrete wall erected around the hitching post. The cemetery is located on  Old Church Rd., now Longhunters Trail (road name changed in 1963) off of Lexington Dr. in Glasgow,Ky. There are many ancestors of the Church family in the cemetery who's graves are marked with field stones, names unknown, ..... "Gone But Not Forgotten". 
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Church Ancestors
Laura J. Stewart
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My Mother -
Emma Lucille Church
Born March 26, 1913
in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.
Died April 14, 1998
in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.
     Emma Church Stewart was the last of the Church's living on the family land in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY. Her land was bought by her nephew, Larry Settle, after her death in 1998. The original family property encompassed land from Beaver Creek to Happy Valley Rd. and in between Highway 90 and Lexington Dr. where she owned land. Longhunter's Trail used to be named Church Road, and that is where the family cemetery is located. Everyone else has either died or sold their land. Her mother died young and she was the oldest daughter who raised her other siblings.
     She graduated from Lois-Glyn Beauty School in 1934. She was a beautician and had licenses in 5 states: KY., ILl., CA., MI., & OH. She owned her own shops in Louisville, KY, Chicago, IL., Pontiac, MI., Waverly, OH. and Glasgow, KY. She also worked in shops in CA. and ID. She was appointed State Inspector of Cosmetology in KY. by Gov. Louie Nunn (Republican) for 4 years, and retained it for another 4 years under a Democratic Administration. She held her beautician license for 64 yrs., until her death. She was a
Kentucky Colonel & member of KY. Heritage, Inc., Eastern Star Olive Chapter # 179 of Chicago, IL., Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary Aeri #2379 in St. Matthews of Louisville, Ky.; also a contributor to the Museum of the Barrens (now the South Central Cultural Center) in Glasgow, Ky.
     She died of
multiple myeloma ( bone cancer). She & her husband are buried in Glasgow Municipal Cemetery. She was the oral historian of her family for several years. I don't think she ever thought of herself as a genealogist, but if it wasn't for her keeping all the family records my research would have been much harder. It was amazing the dates she could tell you without having to search for it. She had a very sharp mind even as she aged. She was a highly respected & esteemed lady in her community with many influential political figures as her personal friends.
Emma, age 1
Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.
Emma, age 26
Picture taken June 1939 at
Stewart Dry Goods Store
in Louisville, KY.
The Stewart family 1953
Emma holding Jesse
& Homer holding Laura
Picture taken at Universal Studio in Minneapolis-St. Paul,MN.
My Grandfather -
John Milton Church
Wedding picture
John M. Church age 16
& Martha Jane Forrester age 25 & either John's sister, Eliza Jane, age 14 or Martha's sister,Sarah Ellen, age 13.
His first homeplace
John M. Church, Alma, Martha Jane Forrester Church, ?, Mary Susan, Samuel Isaac,
& Dan Franklin Church
Glasgow, Barren Co., KY. 
Located near Bradford's Mill on Beaver Creek
The Church Family abt. 1912
Carrie, William Morgan, Beulah Mae, James, Eliza Jane, Louisa Jane Pitcock (wife of John M.),
& Sarah Mildred Church
Taken in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.
John Milton Church
Taken at his cousin, tom Shader's house before 1948
   John and Martha are both buried in the Church Family Cemetery in Barren Co., KY. on Old Church Rd., now known as Longhunters Trail. He was a farmer; his cash crop was tobacco. In 1924 he struck oil on his land. During WWII he was licensed to grow marijuana for hemp for the military. He also carried the U. S. mail. There is a discrepancy about his middle name. Some family members say his middle name was Mildridge; but on his daughter, Emma's birth certificate, he gives his name as John Milton Church.
Born March 22, 1864
in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.
Died April 26, 1956
in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.
My Great - Grandfather -
John Church
Died September 17, 1892
in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.
Born May 8, 1828
in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.
John & Mary Shader Church homeplace is in center of photograph. Log house on the right was John Church father, George W. Church homeplace. It was built when
George W. moved from Hawkins Co., TN. to Barren Co.,
sometime after 1818. Tobacco crop in the foreground.
John Church Headstone
Church Family Cemetery
Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.
Located on Longhunters Trail
     His marriage was performed at Mary Shader's in presence of Nathan Forbis & William Wilkinson by James Brooks. On the 1860 Barren Co., KY. census it gives John and Mary with daughter Mary, 1 day old. From Barren Co. Deaths it states she died on June 22, 1860. From certificate of death it states the 21st. She was buried on the 22nd. Birth was taken from John Church family Bible. They did not record her death. Strange! John and Mary are both buried in the Church Family Cemetery on Longhunters Drive in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.  He was listed on the KY. Militia of Barren Co., KY. He enrolled 1863, filed Aug. 31, 1863 Barren Co., KY. John had seizures, and they found him dead in the woods behind the family cemetery. Mary Shader Church died of broncho- pneumonia. Family members say she was always wrapped up, cold all the time. Pictures show her always with something wrapped around her.
My Great-Great-Grandfather -
George Washington Church
Murdered May 23, 1832
in Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.
Born abt. 1790
possibly Augusta Co., VA.
George W. Church
War of 1812 Marker

Church Family Cemetery
erected in 1850
Church Family Cemetery
Located on Old Church Road, now Longhunters Trail

Glasgow, Barren Co., KY.
These photos taken by Laura J. Stewart
George W. Church
Bronze War of 1812 marker dedicated by DAR club of descendant, Sue Wuetcher from Louisville, KY. on May 15, 2002
Murder of George W. Church
transcribed by Laura J. Stewart
My Great -Great -Great -Grandfather
John Christian Church
Born about 1756
Died between May 30, 1813
& before March 1, 1814
in Hawkins Co., TN.
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