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     This is a line of ancestry  that has been a mystery to me. I have had no luck uncovering any information about her father, James Harlan/Harland. He could possibly be the James Harlan, born 1784 in LurganMm, Armagah, IRELAND, whose father was George. This George could possibly be the George Harland that married Joanna Holmes. Hence the name of Johanna Leota Harland, but this is just pure speculation. All I know for sure is that his name was James. I checked with my Smithwick cousin that lives in Nenagh, Ireland & she states that there are no Harland's in that area. She said that they were mostly from Northern Ireland & England. Notice that their son, Thomas Smithwick was born in Dublin, Ireland. If anyone can give me any leads on my Harland ancestors it would be greatly appreciated!
Descendants of Johanna Leota Harland

1  Johanna Leota Harland b: June 28, 1817 in Dublin,IRELAND d: December 22, 1911 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
.+William Smithwick b: 1820 in Tipperary,IRELAND m: Abt. 1842 in IRELAND d: April 14, 1891 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
2  Thomas Smithwick b: March 22, 1844 in Dublin,IRELAND d: April 24, 1926 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
...+Mary Imogene Petery b: March 1853 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. m: May 25, 1880 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. d: October 07, 1918 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
2  Emma Emelia Smithwick b: October 1849 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. d: 1936 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
...+George Spence m: March 30, 1871 d: October 21, 1875 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
*2nd Husband of Emma Emelia Smithwick:
...+Decatur S. Jocelyn b: July 1841 in IN. m: October 21, 1880 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. d: November 22, 1912 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
2  Alvin Smithwick b: 1852 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. d: September 1853 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
2  Mary Ann Smithwick b: 1853 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. d: December 31, 1914 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
...+James Willard McNeff b: 1857 in IN. m: June 17, 1880 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. d: August 19, 1935 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
2  William Henry Smithwick b: October 1854 d: October 1854
2  Oliver Smithwick b: 1856 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. d: 1860 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
2  Margaret Leota Smithwick b: March 17, 1858 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. d: March 02, 1943 in Chicago,Cook Co.,IL. Buried in New Albany,IN.
William Henry Harrison Stewart b: December 25, 1854 in Sullivan,Sullivan Co.,IN. m: September 09, 1880 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. d: January 19, 1931 in Chicago,Cook Co.,IL.
2  Katherine Smithwick b: 1860 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
...+Jefferson Davis Kern b: 1862 in KY. m: June 16, 1887 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. d: May 08, 1931 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
2  Ella I. Smithwick b: June 1862 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. d: September 18, 1942 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
...+George W. Dieckmann b: March 1860 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. m: December 11, 1884 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN. d: June 18, 1905 in New Albany,Floyd Co.,IN.
My Harland

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My Great-Grandmother
Johanna Leota Harland
Born June 28, 1817
in Dublin, IRELAND
Died December 11, 1911
in New Albany, Floyd Co., IN.
      Her obituary from "Public Press" New Albany,Floyd Co., IN. Tuesday Dec. 26, 1911 p.5 Mrs. Johanna Smithwick, 94 years of age, widow of William Smithwick, was found dead in her bed at 8:30 last Friday night in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ella Dieckman, 1615 Dewey St., where she resided. Mrs. Smithwick had been disabled from a broken hip for about twelve years. She had retired about two hours before and Mrs. Dieckman, before going to bed, went to her mother's room to see how she was resting and discovered that she was dead. Mrs. Smithwick was a native of Ireland, but had lived in New Albany for fifty years. (She came over in 1848 *LSC) She leaves a son, Capt. Thomas Smithwick, and five daughters, Mrs. D.S. Jocelyn, Mrs. William McNeff, Mrs. William Stewart, Mrs. Jeff Kern and Mrs. Dieckman, all of New Albany. From her death certificate states that she died of organic heart disease. Death certificate recorded Floyd County Health Dept. Book No. CH22 page 43. Funeral under direction of Newland Gwin Funeral Home.
Johanna Leota Harland Smithwick & her descendants
Picture taken in 1908 in New Albany, Floyd Co., IN.

     Johanna Harland Smithwick is dressed in black, located on first row on far right. Her son, Captain Thomas Smithwick is sitting behind her. (He was Chief of Police of New Albany, Indiana for several years.) My grandmother, Margaret Leota Smithwick Stewart is first on left in back row. Her husband, Willliam H. H. Stewart is sitting in front of her. Emma, Mary Ann, & Ella, Johanna's other daughter's are in the picture also, but I do not know which ones.
Any help identifying persons appreciated!
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This is the Smithwick family country house in Ireland. If anyone can help identify this country house I would very much like your help. I know for sure that Mary Ann Smithwick that married John Foy lived here. I do not have the original of the picture. In the foreground there is a picture of an Englsh setter. It looks like there is a wall that leads to a basement. People are looking out the windows. It does resemble SummerHill somewhat. Would like other opinions. Thanks!!!!