Ancestors of Margaret Adeline West - My Great-Grandmother

Generation No. 1

1.  Margaret Adeline West, born September 25, 1849 in Barren Co.,KY.; died January 01, 1917 in
Barren Co.,KY..  She was the daughter of 2. Norfleet Parker West and 3. Mary Ann Gibbs.  She married (1) James Fisher Pitcock December 20, 1873 in Barren Co.,KY..  He was born September 05, 1850 in Cooktown,Barren Co.,KY., and died December 17, 1933 in Glasgow,Barren Co.,KY..  He was the son of Henry P. "Patterson or Powell" Pitcock and Lewisa Jane Holland.

Notes for James Fisher Pitcock:
     He was born on his father's farm near Cooktown, Barren Co., Ky., and grew to manhood there. He married Margaret Adeline West on Dec. 20, 1873, and then moved to the Thomerson place about 1 1/2 miles south of Cooktown. They lived there until approximately 1895.  At that time he moved to the Thompson Russell Place near Peters Creek, Barren Co., KY. He later moved to a farm at Knob Lick,
Metcalfe Co., KY. in about 1908, and then moved to a farm near Glasgow,Barren Co.,  KY.. They are buried in the Young Cemetery, at Dry Fork, Barren Co.,KY. They are buried outside the fence. Stone reads 1847 as year of birth, but from parent's family Bible gives 1850. On 1880 Barren Co. census in Tracey District.

Generation No. 2

2.  Norfleet Parker West, born March 04, 1817 in NC.; died March 30, 1862 in Barren Co., KY..  He was the son of 4. Joseph West and 5. Catherine Dossey.  He married 3. Mary Ann Gibbs December 14, 1837 in
Monroe Co.,KY..
3.  Mary Ann Gibbs, born May 10, 1817 in NC.; died February 10, 1905 in Barren Co., KY..  She was the daughter of 6. Thomas Gibbs and 7. Mary //.

Notes for Norfleet Parker West:
     On some documents his name is spelled Norfleet, Noflet, or Norfolk. From his parents family Bible his name was "Norphlett". On 1850 & 1860 Barren Co. census he is listed as N.P. West. He was sometimes referred to as "North West". Norflet Parker West gave a deposition at the home of William Ellis, Examiner for Barren County, April 1, 1852 in Case # 1938, Henry G. Simmons vs. Arthur P. Dossey, John Benedict and William Hunt, in which he stated, "I am a nephew of Hunt and Dossey."

Children of Norfleet West and Mary Gibbs are:
i.Mary Ann West, born June 08, 1839 in NC.; died April 13, 1909; married Madison Bradshaw June 13, 1883 in Barren Co.,KY.

Notes for Mary Ann West:
Her nickname was "Polly".

ii.Joseph Thomas West, born October 05, 1841 in Monroe Co.,KY.; died August 06, 1915 in Roseville,Barren Co.,KY; married Dicie Elizabeth Eaton January 15, 1871 in Barren Co.,KY; born in KY..
iii.Sarah Catherine West, born January 11, 1844 in KY.; died January 06, 1872; married Squire Jefferson Speer April 11, 1869 in Barren Co.,KY.
iv.Hugh Wilson West, born January 25, 1847 in KY; married Martha J. Levi 1872.
1v.Margaret Adeline West, born September 25, 1849 in Barren Co.,KY.; died January 01, 1917 in Barren Co.,KY; married James Fisher Pitcock December 20, 1873 in Barren Co.,KY..
vi.James McDonald West, born December 20, 1851 in KY.; died August 24, 1930; married Carmilla Pleasant Borders December 06, 1877 in KY; born August 04, 1856 in KY.; died August 16, 1929.
vii.Arabell Churchel West, born March 03, 1854 in KY.; died July 02, 1905; married Marcus De Lafayette Steenbergen October 02, 1873 in Barren Co.,KY; born Abt. 1854 in Tracy,Barren Co.,KY..

Notes for Arabell Churchel West:
     She died tragically from a blow struck by Marcus during a fit of insanity.They were on their way to the milk barn when Marcus struck poor Arabelle from behind with a two-by-four. Before the sheriff could be notified, their son George spirited Marcus away to the insane asylum at Hopkinsville for a psychiatric evaluation. Although none of his records have been found, it is believed that he probably spent the rest of his life there. (From the Steenbergen Family History, by H. Daine Harrison.)

viii.Julia Franklin West, born August 20, 1856 in KY; married Millard Fillmore Bradshaw December 16, 1883 in Barren Co.,KY; born 1857.
ix.Rebecca Jane West, born August 20, 1856 in KY.; died January 17, 1867 in KY.
x.// West, born October 1858 in KY.; died October 1858.

Notes for // West:
      Unnamed female, reported as age 5 (probably only 5 days, in the Barren Co., Kentucky Vital Statistics, Deaths, daughter of N.F. and Mary Ann West, died October, 1858

Generation No. 3

4.  Joseph West, died Feb. 12, 1843 in Monroe Co.,KY..  He married 5. Catherine Dossey on Dec 17, 1812.
5.  Catherine Dossey, born Oct. 19, 1797 in NC.; died April 14, 1853 in KY..

Notes for Joseph West:
     He bought land on Trace Creek in Barren Co., KY. from John Hunt in 1822. This land would probably have been in, or quite near to, Monroe Co., KY.

Notes for Catherine Dossey:
     On Monroe Co.,KY 1850 census living with daughters Eliza & Hulda. 

6.  Thomas Gibbs, born 1770 in VA.; died Abt. November 1852 in KY..  He married 7. Mary //.
7.  Mary //, born 1780 in NC..

Notes for Thomas Gibbs:
     On 1850 Monroe Co.,KY. census He and his wife,ages 80 & 70. From document dated Nov. 25, 1852, and recorded in Barren Co., KY. gives power of attorney to Henry Childress. This power of attorney reads:   Know all men by these presents that we Noflet P. West and Mary his wife of Barren Co., Ky., William Fletcher and Nancy his wife of Allen County, Ky., Simon Gibbs and Elizabeth his wife, and Mary Gibbs the widow of Thomas Gibbs decd. of Monroe Co., Ky., the heirs and Legal representatives of Thomas Gibbs decd. have made nominated and appointed Henry Childress of Barren Co., Ky. our true and Lawful Attorney for us and in our names and benefit to sell sue for or demand a certain tract of land of 360 acres Warrant No. 873, in the 13th Surveyors District at the Trenton Last Lottery, to Joel Gibbs an Old Soldier in
Gibson Co., Western District, 4 miles from Trenton the county cite (seat) of said county, Also to sell and convey all our right title and interest in and to the Estate in the western district, Tennessee state, Thomas Gibbs decd. being a legal heir of Joel and Nathaniel Gibbs who having died without issue, Also to sell and convey all our right and title in and to 160 acres in the state of Illinois, alloted and warrent granted to Thomas Gibbs as heir of Nathaniel Gibbs of said State and we the said N.P. West and Mary his wife, William Fletcher and Nancy his wife, Simon Gibbs and Elizabeth his wife and Mary Gibbs the widow of Thomas Gibbs decd. hereby obligate and bind ourselves and our heirs & to abide by and submit to the acts and doings of said Henry Childress, our lawful attorney in as full a manner relative of the sale and disposition of the above lands as if we were present and had done it in person. In witness whereof we the said N. P. West & Mary his wife, William Fletcher & Nancy his wife, Simon Gibbs and Elizabeth his wife and Mary Gibbs the widow of Thomas Gibbs, decd. have hereunto set our hands and seals this the 25th day of Nov. 1852.

Notes for Mary //:
     A Thomas Gibbs married a "Polly" Smith on Oct. 29, 1805 in
Wake Co., NC. Polly is a nickname for Mary. This could possibly be our "Mary". Need to check further. LSC.

Children of Thomas Gibbs and Mary // are:
i.Nancy Gibbs, born Abt. 1810; married William Fletcher.
ii.William H. Gibbs, born 1813 in KY; married (1) Mary A. //; born 1813 in VA.; died Bef. 1869; married (2) Melinda October 1869 in Barren Co.,KY; born 1849 in KY..
iii.Simon Peter Gibbs, born 1816 in NC; married Elizabeth Sample; born July 28, 1823 in KY.; died July 21, 1859 in Monroe Co.,KY..

Notes for Simon Peter Gibbs:
     Gibbs Cemetery located off Hwy. 87 on the New Design road on the Jimmy Gibbs farm, in the hog lot. Evidence of other graves marked only with field stones. Mrs. Elizabeth Gibbs b. July 28,1823 d. July 21,1859 and Jessilin Gibbs b. Feb. 14,1847 d. Sept. 29,1858 and one stone buried in ground : ----N. Simmons, wife of N. H. ------

Notes for Elizabeth Sample:
Buried Gibbs Cemetery in Monroe Co.,KY.

3iv.Mary Ann Gibbs, born May 10, 1817 in NC.; died February 10, 1905 in Barren Co., KY; married Norfleet Parker West December 14, 1837 in Monroe Co.,KY..
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