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My Beloved Pet "Bear"
She will be missed so very much.

    I must write little bits about Bear as I think of them. She had many nicknames: Bear-Bear, Booger Bear, Bear dog, Pretty girl. We would use to say: "How's my pretty girl? She liked that. She hated to be called a dog. Bad Dog. She would hang her head & know she did something wrong. Good puppy. She liked to be called 'Puppy'. Does a dog have vanity? That reminds me that she never liked anyone to watch her squat. We would be walking along & she would find a place - start - Oops! She saw a person, so you might as well forget about that spot.
     Since we are on the subject of using it, she would have to pace, back and forth, not like a dog that just walks up anywhere & just does it!
Oh, another name I had for her was "Miss Priss". She really didn't like to get her feet wet! That's when I would call her "Miss Priss". If it was raining you could forget about taking her out. & Oh, let it snow! When we were in KY. & It snowed so deep, she started to squat & bumped her butt on the snow, you would have thought someone had put a match to her. In the house she came, forget that! She could get an attitude. We always could tell when she was upset with us. She would take tissue paper out of the bathroom trashcans & start dropping them. The more she dropped, the madder you knew she was. She didn't chew it up, just dropped pieces! She wouldn't look at you either, as to say, Hum! You left me, so now I don't have to talk to you!
     When she was just a puppy, I must say she was not like other puppies. She never chewed on anything except for the bones we would get her & Boy did she love them! You have heard about people calling long distance & talking forever about soap opera on TV, well I could call Ruth Ann (Dave's sister who we got Bear from, who had her mother, "Su-Su"). I could talk for hours about what Bear had done that day.
     She had a wonderful personality, but she was very protective of me. While I was going through chemotherapy in 1994, Bear would stay beside my bedside. She would go from the bed to the bathroom with me. They would have to come & get her to make her go outside to use it. She didn't want to leave my side.
     Also after that she was very protective of me; she didn't like anyone else in the kitchen with me while I was cooking. She would pace back & forth between anyone else & myself.
     She was such a wonderful friend. Even in the end she proved to be an amazing animal. She never wined in pain, even though we assumed her arthritis was hurting because of the way she would move. Her last day she just couldn't move her hips. They just gave out on her. She crawled out to the deck to be with us. That was one of the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life! I had the courage to say Goodbye that day to my dear-dear friend. Oh how I will miss my Bear.
Our Beloved Pet

Born May 13, 1989 in Bonne Terre, MO.
Died July 5, 2002 in Leesburg, FL.
Bear summer of 1991

Bear hated cameras. I followed her all over the house until she ran out of room to run. This was the door leading to the back deck where she liked to stay alot. She was like a kid though; she would want in & out, in & out!
Me & My Bear!


Her usual sleeping position, until the last year or so when I think it might have hurt her hips because of her arthritis.
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